Packt’s 2000th Title Campaign Offer


Packt Publishing are launching an exciting campaign to coincide with the release of 2000th title. During this offer Packt is giving its reader a chance to dive into their comprehensive catalog and Buy One, Get One Free across their entire range of eBooks.

The campaign began on 18th-Mar-2014 and will continue up until 26th-Mar-2014. Following are the benefits readers can avail during this campaign.

  • Unlimited purchases during the offer period
  • Offer is automatically applied at checkout

For more detailed information, check this link: So don’t miss this special offer from Packt Publishing :)


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[Book Review] OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

OpenStack Cloud Computing cookbook

Cloud computing is an emerging technology that has rapid development today. Only a few books provide technical aspect in this area. Fortunately, Packt Publishing offers a book entitled “OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook“. continue reading »

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[Book Review] Getting Started with Eclipse Juno

Getting Started with Eclipse Juno

What am I enjoying from Packtpub book is its technical aspect in writing. We often read “text book” that contains very theoretical content. For programmer like me, it always very nice to read technical book like this one: Getting Started with Eclipse Juno published by Packtpub Publishing. continue reading »

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[Now Reading] Getting Started with Eclipse Juno


I am now reading a nice ebook from Packtpub: Getting Started with Eclipse Juno. Just wait for my review in the next post :)

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Contoh-contoh Dasar pada Pemrograman Jaringan dengan Python

Saya telah menyusun berbagai macam contoh dasar pada pemrograman jaringan. Tentunya menggunakan Python ya :). Saya menyusun ini dari berbagai sumber. Ada yang dari blog-nya orang, ada yang dari Python Docs, ada yang iseng saya buat sendiri.  Selain tentang pemrograman berbasis jaringan, terdapat beberapa teknik dasar pemrograman Python (yang banyak digunakan dalam konteks jaringan) seperti iterasi dan pembacaan file juga saya tuliskan di sini. Berikut ini daftarnya berdasarkan topik.

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