[Book Review] matplotlib Plotting Cookbook

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We are often get confused with text book  that provides very complex materials and hard to understand. There are rarely a book that can give us a easy and step-by-step guide to get our job done. Fortunately, Packt Publishing comes with a good news!

One of the book provided by Packt is matplotlib Plotting Cookbook. It’s all about plotting your graph with matplotlib. It is an open source library massively used and supported by community worldwide. In this book, you can find any kind of plotting type. Starting from live curve, points, bar chart, pie chart, histograms, and other types of graph. A how-to draw simple graph is given in Chapter 1.

This kind of matplotlib library is based on Python programming language. Don’t worry about the difficulty when starting graph for the first time. Python is an intuitive computer programming languange and it is easy to learn.

In the next chapter, the author, Alexandre Devert, depicts customization for color and pattern of our chart. We can also control marker style and size, or even creating our own color maps for plotted graph. Like other book published by Packt, all steps are briefly described and very well understood :)

In Chapter 3, we will find many instructions to modify annotations for our graph. Formula annotation can be employed using Latex-style notations. The book also describes guides to add label to axis, text, legend, and grid behind the chart. Every part is clearly illustrated by “How to do it” subsection and supported with “How it works … ” part in each section. Chapter 4 will drive us to customization of the figure.

We can save our generated graph from matplotlib to file. The supported file format are png, svg, or pdf file. We can follow these guides in Chapter 5. This book is also completed with a story about working with 2D and 3D figures Chapter 6 and 7, respectively. The last chapter, we can integrate our work with Python user interface library. matplotlib have an friendly interface to Tkinter, wxWidgets, GTK, and Pyglet.

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August 1, 2014

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