[Book Review] Implementing NetScaler VPX


In the recent years, we cannot avoid to provide infrastructure availability. People think how load balancing and traffic analysis become easy. Fortunately, Packt Publishing provides Implementing NetScaler VPX.

This book gives us a brief introduction to install and configure NetScaler VPX in the first chapter. NetScaler also supports virtualization environment like Xen. We can easy maintain NetScaler using main administration GUI that consists of three parts: Dashboard, Configuration, and Reporting. In Dashboard panel, we can monitor computer resource in complete and real time fashion.

User can remotely manage infrastructure in their company using NetScaler Gateway. This book clearly gives explicit instruction how to do it. NetScaler Gateway supports ICA proxy and VPN. Since NetScaler is one of Citrix product, it also can connect with other Citrix product like SmartAccess. We also should tune our configuration to make sure everything goes well. All of these materials are provided in Chapter 2.

The main feature of NetScaler is conducting load balance between servers is well described in Chapter 3. Marius Sandhu, the author, tells about balancing the user request in many applications such as web application, XML broker, and some of Microsoft products such as SharePoint, Exchange, and MSSQL. These applications are very common so it will help us to make load balancing.

To fasten the user access to our system, NetScaler also provides classic but effective technique: compression and caching. In the end of the book, we can see that NetScaler give us high availability infrastructure using several methods like clustering and global server. Both are implemented with Equal Cost Multiple Path(ECMP) and Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), respectively.

To sum up, try to check Implementing NetScaler VPX in Packt Publishing page. Don’t forget to subscribe to Packtpub website. They always send us very interesting offering and many discounts! See ya!

May 20, 2014

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